Hello Pro Sterile Kit!

Plain and simple, here’s why you need the disposable sterile kit in your life -

As you know, my number one priority is always first and foremost, the safety of clients and artists.

But working both EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY at all times is the other part of an artist's daily challenge and I truly KNOW your struggles as an artist.

Ever set up your whole tray and then you realize you forgot something....extremely inconvenient because now you have to completely stop what you're doing, de-glove, and go get it.

What about when you realize you just used your last cotton swabs, table paper, or any other small disposable items, and it’s 5 minutes before your next appointment?

And the one that I hate the most? Having to shop and order my disposable supplies from various suppliers and stockpiling random-sized boxes all over the place.

Well, I know I’ve experienced all of the above, So I promised myself that one day I would curate all the disposable "must-have's" in an organized way so that we have everything we need to perform PMU procedures into one simple package to make all of our lives easier. And guess what? That day has come!

The Disposable Sterile Kit has been specifically thought out to make sure your procedure set-up is easy, professional, quick & organized, and cost-efficient for you. Each kit includes a great, sturdy plastic tray with compartments designed to hold all your tools, supplies, pigments, anesthetics, client draping – and MUCH MUCH more.

Each component is 100% EO Gas sterilized, so you can be completely confident you’re providing the best for your clients’ safety. In addition, each kit is marked with the lot number, manufacturing, and expiry date.

So without further ado, here is a complete list of everything that the disposable sterile kit includes: 

This revolutionary kit contains 16 components:

1. Large Custom Tray - The clear plastic tray has a slot for permanent makeup tools like all of your microblades, handles, needles, machines, and even a slot to hold those pesky ring cups upright.  There's also dry and wet slot to keep your setup nice and tidy.  With six pigment wells and a section for topical anesthetic, you will have all of the tools and materials you need within an arm's reach

2. Sticky Eyebrow Ruler - This is an extremely handy tool to make your initial design super-easy and accurate.

3. Clear Facemask - At last! A clear face mask that lets you breathe and looks super professional and pretty during the procedure.  Say goodbye to smeared lipstick and overheating.  The clear face mask is lightweight and comfortable, providing protection for both you and your client against potential splatter and airborne germs.

4. Alcohol Swabs (4) - The kit contains 4 alcohol swabs for you to disinfect or clean the procedure area before microblading

5.Brush - The pink spooly brush can be used during the design step of the client's eyebrows to blend, is also great to show them where strokes were added after you have finished the procedure  

6. Cotton Swabs (5) - can be used for adjusting your drawing and removing excess lines if a client wants less in their pre-draw

7. Cup for Liquids - The small plastic cup is used for putting any liquids such as water, makeup remover, cleanser, green soap, etc. 

8. Fine Brushes (3) - These are great for tracing out super fine hair-like strokes, also for tracing out the pre-draw for permanent lip pigmentation.  Reach for these to draw anything in an instant.

9. Headband - This white headband is just so much prettier than those "shower cap" medical caps we've all been using, plus your client will look so much better wearing these in her "before and after" photos.

10. Nitrile Gloves ( 2 Medium, 1 Small ) - Three pairs will get you through one procedure!

11. Non-woven Cotton Pads ( 20 ) - great to wipe and check the area as you are working.  

12. Pigment Rings With Removable Cups ( 2 ) - If you prefer to wear the pigment in a ring on your finger like I do, this is great so you don't have to go back and forth between your tray and the client to reach for pigment.  There's also a little sponge inside the ring cup to make sure the pigment will not spill out, this really comes in handy if you are using more watery pigments or a diluted solution for shading.  

13. Waste Bag - This orange waste bag is extremely convenient because it comes with a sticky adhesive to attach to the side of your tray to throw out any disposable materials.

14. Water-Repellent Bedsheet - great for protecting and lining your bed with this hygienic and lightweight sheet. 

15. Waterproof Table Paper - set up the entire Pro Sterile Kit on top this table paper and wrap it all up and dispose when you're all done. So easy!  

16. Waterproof Client Drape - the perfect bib for those pretty pictures plus it keeps your client so clean, she'll really appreciate the extra care and professionalism you give her. 

The Pro Sterile Kit is great for your day-to-day operations, on the road when you are traveling or training, and especially to hand out to each student during a training class.  Your setup will now be fast, easy and safe so you can focus on your art and customer. 


Disposable sterile kit



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    - Tina Davies