NEW Angie Practice Pads

We are SO EXCITED to officially announce:

New Angie practice pads are here!

Angie was created to help microblading artists perfect their strokes and find their flow when it comes to creating beautiful eyebrows, on the go, at any time. 

Angie practice pads require no pigment, as the paper allows you to make strokes directly into the pad. While you practice designing different brow shapes and styles,  you are also able to test out applying different levels of pressure to see what works for your flow.

Just like the old one, this double sided pad has a full face on one side and 4 brows on the other.  Two of the brows come with a stencil and two are blank. 

The practice pad allows to you try different techniques so that you can avoid inconsistent and fuzzy strokes that are unfavorable for creating real hair-like strokes on a real client! 

When using the practice pads remember - you don't not have to push extremely hard or apply a ton of pressure, simply look for clean crisp strokes on the pad.

Each package contains 25 sheets for you to continuously practice with. The best part about the Angie Practice Pads is that the more you practice, the more you will become consistent in your technique and design, building muscle memory that will prepare you to do the best work of your life!

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies