Tina Davies Pigments:

Tina Davies FADE Eyebrow Pigments MSDS: Click Here

Tina Davies LUXE Brow Pigments:

Tina Davies LUXE Brow Pigments MSDS: Click Here

Tina Davies LUXE Brow Pigments Technical Dossier: Click Here

Tina Davies LUXE Brow Pigments Certificate of Compliance: Click Here

Perma Blend LUXE Pigments:

LUXE Pigment MSDS: Click Here

Quality and Compliance Technical Dossiers: Click Here

Certificate of Compliance: Click Here


Microblades and Cartridges:

Signature and Essential Microblade Sterilization Certificates: Click Here

PIXL Needle Cartridge Sterilization Certificates: Click Here

I ❤️ INK Cartridge Sterilization Certificates: Click Here

Kwadron Cartridge Sterilization Reports: Please reach out on our Contact Us page with your Lot number



Tina Davies Aftercare MSDS: Click Here


Zensa MSDS: Click Here