Zensa Numbing Cream

9 reviews


Zensa Numbing Cream

9 reviews

Zensa Numbing Cream contains 5% lidocaine to desensitize skin for painful procedures, including PMU services like microblading, eyeliner, lips, and more. This product is effective on closed skin and is safe to reapply on broken skin to extend the numbing sensation.

Zensa's health-conscious ingredients like purified water and Vitamin E, act as an anti-inflammatory, and the neutral pH makes it safe to use on sensitive areas. The formulation does not contain vasoconstrictors and is FDA-approved and Health Canada Certified.


  • 30g tube


  • Lasts 2-3 hours
  • No vasoconstrictor
  • Safe for use on sensitive areas, including eyelids and lips
  • FDA and Health Canada approved
  • Anti-inflammatory Vitamin E
  • Neutral pH
  • 100% cruelty-free


Active Ingredients: 5% Lidocaine HCl local anesthetic

Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Carbopol, Lecithin, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E Acetate, Purified Water


  • Clean the area with an alcohol swab
  • Apply a thick layer of cream evenly onto the skin
  • Cover the area with an airtight dressing like cling wrap (skip for eyes
  • Leave for 15-25 minutes
  • Remove wrap and gently dab away excess cream before beginning procedure

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