Case Study 4: From red to brown brows

Tina Davies Case Study Color Correction Red Brow to Brown Eyebrows Before Image


This client came to me after four removal attempts of PMU eyebrows that she was unhappy with (not done by me) and this is what I had to work with. She went through four sessions of Picosure laser tattoo removal over a period of 8 months. At this point, she wanted to improve what was left instead of going through more sessions of laser removal. Since her brows were faded by a minimum of 50% and her skin was in very good condition with no signs of scarring or damage with her last session being 3 months ago, I opted to take on this challenge and give her new brows.

This was a really challenging cover-up case and I wasn’t sure of the outcome since the old colour and shape was still quite unpleasant. Regardless, I knew her new eyebrow "hopes" were now in my hands and I had to use my experience and tools in my arsenal to get her to a happy place.  

From a shape and balance perspective, I felt that she needed thicker eyebrows and to get away from the older and outdated “skinny eyebrow” look.  

I ended up doing a lot of tight, microbladed hair strokes packed closely together to hide all the old PMU and thickened up her brows to give her a shape that would suit her face shape. Going with thicker brows enabled me to hide the old eyebrows and create soft wispy borders versus flat ones. 

Another option would have been to do a powder/ombré brow but I’d rather give the illusion of texture especially in cases where the client has little to no hair.

In the end, we were both super thrilled! 

Tina Davies Before and After Correction Case Study from Red to Brown Eyebrows

Before and immediately after

Tina Davies Before and After Correction Permanent Makeup Results from Red brows to brown brows

Before and immediately after

I know a lot of artists don’t work on other people’s work or attempt corrections but these cases can be really transformational and life-changing. You can yield great results on a cover-up if you have:

  • Proper experience and training
  • Good pigment
  • And you work conservatively

You can confidently create better eyebrows for your clients by reshaping and recolouring them with lasting results that don’t fade back to their old fugitive colour.

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Be sure to work conservatively and have a good game plan so you can carry this out. Also, be sure you always pre-draw the shape with the customer sitting UP to ensure gravity is factored into her new eyebrows design. Never pre-draw with her laying down because once they sit up, their brows could be lopsided! I used the Tina Davies Pro Pencil in “Brown".

Tina Davies Pro Silk Eyebrow Pencil for Pre-draw in Brown

Procedure Notes:

Technique: Microblading

Tools: Tina Davies 9 Classic Microblade

Pigment Colour: Tina Davies x Perma Blend I ❤️ INK Medium Brown

Age: 34-Year-old Italian woman

Skin Tone: Fitzpatrick 3, mid-skin tone 

Skin Type: Apple and mildly sensitive (Read about all of the skin types here)

Artist: Tina Davies

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Leave a comment and let me know if you like to see these more complicated “real talk” kind of cases, and I’ll keep bringing them to you.


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- Tina Davies