TRY IT: How to Book More Lip Procedures


Now that you have been introduced to our Lip Collections LUST and ENVY, you know that our new I 💋 INK Lips offering is not just a product, it’s a new way to do lip blushing procedures. The process comprises 4 steps - TRY IT, DRAW IT, INK IT and BLUSH IT.

Here, I’ll explain the first step in this process - TRY IT - and identify three NEW ways that you can get more bookings instantly.

The TRY IT’ step begins by allowing your client to choose their favourite colours from the range using the colour chart.  I’ve made visualization super-easy as the lip blush stains match each of the pigments. Once your client has selected their favourite colours, you can show them what the healed results will look like by applying a thin layer of the lip blush stain to their lips with a disposable applicator.

Pro tip: Avoid over-applying the lip blush stain as it is highly pigmented and if too much is applied, it may give your client an unrealistic expectation of their healed result. 

The best part about the high-pigmentation in the lip blush stains is that a little goes a long way, and you only need a small amount to show your client what their healed results will look like.

I highly recommend this TRY IT step during a consultation for a lip blushing procedure.  Not only is it fun for your client, but it’s the best way to put them at ease and help them to look forward to a lip procedure.

Because lip blushing procedures are still relatively new, I am sharing 3 clever ideas to expose your clients to the procedure in a way that is fun, engaging and leads to instant bookings.

1. Introduce 'Try it' during another appointment, while the client is already in your studio

When your client is already in your studio for a different service such as a follow-up, encourage them to try on a lip blush stain while they are there. That way, they can see what a lip blush procedure will look like, with the added bonus of freshly done brows or eyeliner to enhance the effect. Often times, the client will be so excited by what they see that they’ll book a lip procedure then and there!


"My gorgeous client today for brows done in Medium + Dark Brown I ❤️INK, single needle.  I used Tina Davies’s new lip pencils and lip blush stain in ‘Cinnamon’ to show my client what her lips would look like If we tattooed them… these are so nice and stay put all day she loved them!  It literally took me seconds and I finished off her photo perfectly.” - Elaine Campin, Pro Team Artist 

2. Set up a ‘Blush Bar’ in your Studio 

When clients come to your studio for a permanent makeup procedure, utilize their waiting time as an opportunity to sell your lip blushing services by creating an eye-catching merchandise stand for your waiting area that displays the lip blush stains. 

I like to call ours the ‘Blush Bar’. Use the box that the lip collections come in or even a cupcake stand to display your products. Get creative! 

In my studio, I have mixed pigments with water and dispensed them into pretty perfume bottles to stand alongside our lip blush stain range. 

This is displayed on a cupcake stand so that our clients can see every single shade available to them. 

It’s eye-catching enough that almost every single client that comes in asks about it, and we can use this as an opportunity to sell lip blush procedures and products.


The “Blush Bar” at Tina Davies Studio


3. Host a Blush Party

Do you already have a loyal clientele for eyebrows or eyeliner procedures but want to boost your lip blush procedure bookings? A great way to do this is to host a “Blush Party”.  Market the party as a private event where your clients can have a complimentary express consultation with you for a lip blushing procedure. Decorate your studio with balloons, put some prosecco on ice and make sure there are some sweet treats availableOnce your clients are fed and watered, they will stick around and chat to each other, and if there are lip blush stains and colour charts displayed they'll be able to browse while they wait for their consultation. Place signs around the space encouraging guests to swatch shades of the lip blush stains. Once a guest has tried on a colour, offer them a discount if they book a lip blushing procedure on the spot, and you’ll be guaranteed to fill up your schedule in a matter of minutes. 

Julie Michaud, the owner of Prettyology, hosted a blush party at her studio recently and it was a roaring success. At the party, her guests tried on lip blush stain colours and kissed pieces of paper, pinning them to a ‘Pucker Up, Pretty’ board. This fun game encouraged other guests to get involved, trying on all the colours in the range!



“Our lip blush party was a hit! The vibe was like a giddy slumber party with friends. The guests had so much fun playing with the colours. Any fear they had about the procedure itself totally went out the window once they found the colour they loved. Trying on the Lip Blush Stains replaced their fear with excitement! Throwing this blush party was a fun way to show off the products, but it also gave both the clients and the artists a huge confidence boost. Having the ability to preview what a healed lip blush procedure looks like is an invaluable tool for every artist.” - Julie Michaud, Prettyology


Clients chatting and swatching colours at Prettyology’s ‘Blush Party’ in February 2020.


Now that you have more information on the TRY IT step of our TRY IT, DRAW IT, INK IT and BLUSH IT process. Along with that, you have three ways to boost your lip blushing procedure bookings. So what are you waiting for?

Buy your lip blush stains HERE.

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