This is a must-have reference guide for your I LOVE INK pigment that offers easy, hassle-free colour selection, all in one page. It’s also a great presentation tool to use during your client consultations.

The first of its kind, the Tina Davies X Permablend Eyebrow Collection Colour Chart is designed with the artist in mind, as a quick reference guide to take the guesswork out of choosing the right pigment shade for your client.

This colour chart is durable and stain resistant, printed in full colour on heavy card stock with a glossy protective coating.

Ordering single pigment bottles? Our colour chart is an essential tool to have on hand. 

Learn how to easily select the right colour for your client using our I LOVE INK pigments in our exclusive Colour Course Video Tutorial



Models matched to pigment colours

  • Use the picture references to help identify the suitability of each pigment shade for various complexions.

    Detailed colour information

    • This description gives you the light-to-dark value of the pigment, including the base tone of the colour (such as yellow or orange). It also gives you guidance on the type of outcome clients can expect, to help ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

      Recommendations For Skin Tones

      • This is a snapshot of the pigment colours recommended for various skin tones: fair, pink, beige, olive, caramel, and brown-black.

      Guide for old PMU Cover Up 

      • Refresh old PMU that has turned orange, red, green, blue or purple.  First, choose your target pigment colour and then check this chart for suitability. Note:  Old PMU must be unsaturated and faded by a minimum of 50% for successful cover-up.

      Colour Swatches for in-person matching

      • These swatches display the drawdown of each colour and were specifically placed at the bottom of the sheet so you can hold it up against the client's forehead, to envision which colour will suit your client best.