Protective cap

  • Cap protects the needles while in transit.
  • EO gas can still reach and sterilize the needles through a tiny hole in the top of the cap.

Patented design

  • We make all of our needles in-house.
  • Surgical grade 316 stainless steel construction for both the needles as well as the needle wrapper.
  • 0.25mm gauge needles never bend, so you never get blurry strokes or double lines.
  • Our needles are set at a 30 - degree angle for optimal pigment application and ergonomics.
  • Each blade is inspected at least 3 times before it reaches you.

Unique handle

  • Soft, cushy, non-slip grip that enables you to stay comfortable and be precise.
  • Built-in ruler to ensure your work is even and symmetrical - your clients will appreciate this!
  • Use the rounded end to apply pigment over your fresh strokes.

Sterilization and packaging

  • We exceed all Canadian health and safety standards.
  • Each 9 Classic comes in its own blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date, and expiration date. Our blister packs are durable ensuring that your microblade will arrive in perfect condition.
  • All microblade are sterilized using EO gas
  • Each blister pack includes a sterilization indicator that turns gold once sterilization is complete.
  • Download your sterilization certificate HERE.