Meet our new, compact, added value Sterile Kit!

The same great kit you love now with 2 additional components for machine care and a compact eco tray reducing plastic waste by 50%

Streamline your set-up process in one tidy, 100% EO gas-sterilized package.

Designed and curated for busy microblading and PMU artists, this kit contains 18 valuable disposables so procedures are a breeze — from set-up to clean-up.

Large Custom Tray

  • Compartment for microblades, handles, needles, and a machine
  • A slot to hold pigment rings upright
  • Six pigment wells plus a section for topical anesthetic

    Client Necessities

    • Eyebrow Ruler
    • Headband
    • Water-repellent Bedsheet
    • Water-repellent Table Paper
    • Water-repellent Client Drape