Carla Fisher

Sometimes all it takes is one person to say we can't do something to light a fire inside of us to be our best. We always hear stories about the highest achievers being told at some point in their life that they would never reach their goals. 

That is exactly what this artist spotlight is all about. Carla Fisher shares her story and challenges us to believe in ourselves and we can accomplish anything! Here's her story...



As a small child, I remember someone very close to me saying this to someone I love… “You’ll never amount to anything”. As a child, you don’t understand what that means, but that stuck with me and was a driving force in who I have become today.  

In 2002, I decided to take a leap into esthetic school.  My background was legal secretary and I had never actually worked in a law office beside my course, but I knew with all of my being that being a secretary wasn’t what I was put on earth to do.

So I enrolled in esthetic school, hoping that this was as fun as it looked!

I ended up loving all esthetics, but my TRUE LOVE was working with the skin.  I finished my training and went to work for a short amount of time as an employee, training with a lovely European esthetician who ended up retraining me in a whole new way.

She focused on INSIDE the body, and with her knowledge and many months of reading, watching, and being visually taught, I decided I was ready to spring into the esthetic world on my own, with my new found knowledge.  


I opened my very first studio in 2005 followed by Dolce Vita Salon & Spa in 2007 which ran successfully for 10 years and closing this past September.  On October 3, 2017, Solidgold Esthetics was born!

It’s been a ride and a half; I thought with all my skin care knowledge, that microblading would be a breeze, but just like everyone else, it comes down to experience and TOUCHING SKIN.  


My journey with permanent makeup started as a client. I had two procedures done myself and was telling clientele about it and one day it dawned on me... I could do this!

So fast and furious like I always make decisions (haha!) I enrolled in a course and came out knowing only a tiny bit more than I did going in. Then began the real learning and search for extra training.  

I found Tina’s website and started researching the best tools and pigments and sending her messages over and over again until she finally got back to me and accepted me as a private student.  

I flew to Toronto, met Tina, and those two days were the hardest on my ego! There are soooo many questions and contradictions about everything! Where do I start?

But she made me feel super comfortable, and no question was a bad one. Even after the session was over, she mentored me without question, and I truly appreciate her dedication and professionalism to this industry.  

This winter is my two year birthday in permanent makeup, and I’m happy to say looking back on it, I was never as bad as I thought I was.

You can only be better than your last client and I keep that in the back of my mind to remind myself to stay slow, steady and focused.

Since opening Solidgold, the support of my regular clientele and new clients have been overwhelming. I just want to send all the love back to them, because without them trusting me every step of my journey, I wouldn’t have been allowed the opportunity to grow as an artist and a professional.  I thank you all for that! 

Next up...who knows but knowing me it won’t be long until I challenge myself again!

The advice I would give to new or existing permanent makeup artists is to practice, practice, practice.  BELIEVE in yourself because positive thinking goes along way! Don’t listen to the fuzz... there’s always someone who is better, or bigger, but there’s only ONE you. And you rock!

Stay golden,

Carla Fisher

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies