Ashely Hancock

Today, I am sharing a wonderful story about one of our artists from Utah, USA. It so represents the struggles of the modern day woman and our power within. I hope you enjoy it, I brought tears to my eyes.

The Strength to Become
by Ashley Hancock 

Starting as an Esthetician in 1998, I began my career in the beauty industry. As a single mom after a tragic marriage I ventured into my search for an occupation, which would allow me to make enough money to survive and raise my little Harper Sage.

Cameo College welcomed me as an Esthetic instructor and my love for teaching began. Low and behold they had a Softap course, which was calling my name. Day 1… I was traumatized and figured I had wasted my money, but by Day 5 I was in LOVE!!!

For the first 10 years, instructing permanent cosmetics, performing Softap and raising Harper was my life. From my career I was able to purchase a home for Harper and myself and build a sought after reputation as a quality technician and educator. During this time I met an amazing human, Chris Hancock and we married and had another beautiful daughter named Henzlee Elizabeth.

Needing variety in my life I branched out to teach myself the hair stroke technique. I went to Vic Back, a renowned tattoo artist and friend and he taught me how he did hairstrokes on portraits with a coil machine (nonetheless).....yikes. Quickly, I discovered Digital and Microblading and my already large clientele and student population tripled.

I believe in quality in all things and this is why I teach my students with Tina Davies Microblades and Nouveau Contour Machines. It’s not about the money you can make but the quality of work you produce. This is what holds up a solid reputation.

With the help of an amazing Office Manager, Jenna Young, we have created a beautiful Microblading/Permanent Cosmetic School in Sandy, Utah.

EDIFY PERMANENT COSMETICS has been an amazing blessing. I wanted to create a QUALITY education, which is not limited to a set number of hours or days. Instead students can receive instruction during their model’s touch up and with any clients, especially when they feel that extra instruction is needed during their time as a technician.

Through the single-mother struggles, it left me with a tender spot in my soul for single mothers and have been blessed to be able to give back. Every year, EDIFY PERMANENT COSMETICS extends 4 free scholarships for single mothers with a free room to work from for 6 months after training.

I love my family, friends and career as it brings me true JOY.


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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies