Why does I Love Ink look red immediately after?

Some people have been expressing their concern with I ❤️Ink looking orange or red in the skin for up to a week and are worried that it will heal this way in the skin.  

But not to worry, let me explain…

The reason why you may a lot of orange present immediately after is because

  • the colors are PREMODIFIED to heal true to tone with NO ASHY undertones
  • They have a strong presence of WARMTH to ensure a perfect healed results

Even seeing pink/redness is normal as the skin is irritated and injured, especially during days 2-12 as the wound is fresh and the scab is just starting to “lift” off.


Immediately after

Day 2

Day 6

Day 12

Day 12


Day 30


Before, immediately after, and healed


In the example above is OMBRE work is shading work by with BLONDE & ASH BROWN by I ❤️ INK Proteam artist, Elaine Campin.  The middle picture is immediately after and the last picture is fully healed As you can see, the color healed with no warmth to a perfect tone.


  Immediately after 


                               Fully healed, one month later

The example above is shading work by Paula Fitzpatrick with I ❤️Ink in DARK BROWN. The picture on the left is immediately after and the picture on the right is fully healed. As you can see, the color healed with no warmth to a perfect tone. 

So in short, don't panic. Seeing orange/red/pink is normal. After a week to 12 days, the top layer will shed and the true color will appear, irritation will be reduced.  The result will continue to get better and improve as the skin mends back together over the next few weeks. For good measure and client comfort, I like to put a cool compress onto the skin for 5 minutes to instantly reduce discomfort followed by immediately applying the soothing Tina Davies Aftercare

Pro tip:  When you are creating soft, powdery omber looks,  be sure to saturate with enough passes so the result is not too sheer.  For example, if the skin is still pink/red after a few passes, you are not implanting the color well and will need to adjust your technique.  Remember, you’ll need to see little pixelated “dots” of color show up in the skin so layer, layer, layer to build saturation.

As an informed and professional artist, make sure you keep in touch with your client and prepare her for what to expect in advance so she can remain calm and confident in her new eyebrows.

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