The Skinny V.S. Pro Pencil

The Skinny V.S. Pro Pencil



Our goal is always to be able to shorten your learning curve, take the guesswork out of PMU, and help you to elevate your skill.

Little details matter and the prep and drawing phase is a critical step that sets the tone for the entire outcome.

That’s why Tina developed both The Pro Silk Pencil AND The Skinny Silk Pencil for the various ways that different artists do their brow design during the mapping and design phase.  

Using the right tools makes a HUGE difference in your work, enabling you to do your best art. 

Let’s check out the difference between the two.

The Pro Silk Pencil

The Pro Silk Pencil was designed as a massive upgrade to the familiar Grease Pencils or Sharpie China Markers. Having used both of these prior to developing the Pro Pencil, Tina found the consistency and pigmentation of these pencils lackluster and frustrating! They were hard to sharpen, too hard, too waxy, and would break and crumble during sharpening.

Formula & Pigmentation

The Pro Pencil was tested and carefully formulated by Tina herself to be not only extremely silky smooth when applying to the skin, but EXTREMELY pigmented, so that you as the artist, never lose your pre-draw design again. Make one stroke with this pencil and you’ll immediately notice how well it draws.  Bonus: your client will have no issue seeing your design.

Sharpen To Sharp Edge  

This is one of the major advantages of the Pro Pencil. If you’re like Tina and draw hair strokes on your client prior to microblading, then this is the pencil you need.  Pre-drawing the hair strokes make it super-easy to trace your hair strokes and take the guesswork out of where to microblade your pattern.

You can sharpen this pencil down to an extremely fine, flat edge. See Tina’s sharpening video here:

True Brown

Buh-bye red undertones! This pencil shows up as a TRUE, neutral brown with no undertones or hints of red or orange. Perfect when you don’t want to draw with a black pencil and scare your client.

The Skinny Pencil

Twistable Lead & Spooley

The Skinny Pencil was designed to save you time! Unlike traditional pencils used for microblading, the Skinny Pencil is more similar to a makeup brow pencil, except it’s super skinny! It comes equipped with a twistable lead so you never have to sharpen it.  It’s perfect for drawing a frame around the brows or filling in the shape.


PRO TIP: Twist the lead up so that only about 1mm of lead is exposed. This will prevent the lead from breaking off because the lead is so skinny, the more lead you expose, the more pressure you’re putting against the lead and can lead to breakage.

Formula & Pigmentation

The formula of the Skinny Pencil is also extremely silky, pigmented and very easy to apply on skin. Because of this, you will not have an issue with it showing up on the skin to ensure both you and your client can get an idea of what the final result will be.

True Brown

The Skinny pencil, like the Pro Pencil, comes in both black and brown shades, and the brown is a true, neutral brown so it can be used on many different clients with various skin tones and hair colors. This is extremely helpful because sometimes a black outline or pre-draw design can make your clients think that it will be too bold and dramatic for them. The true brown gives them a more natural look and feel. 

Bonus-you can even use these on yourself as an eyebrow pencil or to sell to your clients!  We all need a good pencil in our makeup bag!

Which One Do I Choose?

At the end of the day, the choice between the Skinny Pencil and the Pro Pencil is a matter of preference and working style. The Pro Pencil being that it can be sharpened down to a fine point is for people who want to draw every hair stroke to follow as their guide. The Skinny Pencil, on the otherhand, is a handy tool that is great for quick use (no sharpening necessary) if you just have to make a few strokes, or if you like to draw more of a boxed outline for your pre-draw, this is a great, quick choice. Either way, you won’t go wrong with either of the two because the formula is designed to give you max pigmentation so you can help your client can create the brows of their dreams. Also, if you can’t decide, just get both so you’ll always be prepared for any situation!

Watch Brianna break down the different uses here:

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies