NEW Tina Davies Professional Essential Nano Blades

 Creating ultra-fine hair strokes just got a lot easier.



Since we launched the first high-end disposable microblade for discerning artists back in 2015, we’ve been paying close attention to our artist’s work and feedback. Consistently, we hear requests for the same three things:


  1. A flexi microblade 
  2. A nano needle set that is great for fine hair strokes
  3. Better prices so you can stop assembling needles and handles


Firstly, we’d like to express our gratitude for all of your messages and feedback. Input from our artist community is the fuel that drives our innovation and passion. 


Secondly, we want you to know that we hear you. Not only do we hear you, but we’re taking your input seriously and we’ve been hard at work creating a new tool with your feedback on top of mind.


Introducing the NEW Tina Davies Professional Essential Nano Blades! 



Whether you’re newly graduated or a seasoned permanent makeup artist, the Essential Nano Blades are specially designed with artists in mind. With it’s flexi-needle and super-fine blade, our Nano blades achieve beautiful, crisp, and precise strokes. You no longer need to assemble complicated needles and handles. 


The 18U and 16C offers value without compromise on quality and efficiency at an accessible price point that runs less than $3.50 per procedure.



The Tina Davies Essential Nano Blades come in 18 U and 16 Curved. You’ll have the ability to microblade fine brows exactly the way you’d sketch on paper! 


Curve easily with 18U


Make precise roots and tips with 16 Curved


These 18mm gauge nano blades make for the finest strokes and are the ideal tools to add to your arsenal to create the most delicate and realistic strokes. Simply add machine or manual shading for added definition to meet the design needs of each and every client.



Sterilization and Packaging

All of our microblades are EO Gas Sterilized with a printed sterilization report in each box. Each Nano Blade comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with a lot number, manufactured and expiration date. You’ll notice a color-change indicator on the medical paper package.


16C Nano Blade with bonus pigment ring and ruler


EO Gas Sterilized Blister Pack with sticky ruler and pigment ring



This special sticky ruler allows you to measure directly on your client to easily find the center point that lines up on the bridge of the nose.


Measuring pre-drawn brows with the sticky ruler


Pigment Ring with Sponge

For an efficient workflow, you’ll find a handy finger ring in each blister pack. These unique pigment rings hold your pigments in place for a much faster way to dip your blade or machine into the ink rather than going back and forth between your tray and the client. Artists that use a pigment ring also tend to use less pigment which further reduces costs per procedure.


Dip your microblade into the pigment ring for easy access



Each Essential Nano box comes with 8 flexi microblade packs.



What about the price? The Essential line is priced at only €28 / pack of 8Use the best for as little as €3.50 per procedure and it includes the pigment ring and the pre-draw sticky ruler!

Shop the new 16C and 18U Essential Nano Blades!




What are the differences between these Nano blades and the Signature Collection?

These microblades are softer, more flexible needles whereas the Signature Collection microblades are stiffer “hard” needles.  Also, the grip is different, providing a different working experience. The price of this collection is also much less than microblades in the Signature Collection.  

What gauge are the needles?

Our Essential line needles are .18mm gauge nano blades.

Are these Nano Needles?

Yes! Our Essential line Microblades are Nano Needles.

Are these flexi or hard wrapped?

Unlike our Signature line, the Essential Nano needles are encased in a white plastic wrapper vs. a metal wrapper.


How are these Microblades made?

Each needle set is carefully crafted into an optimal shape to allow you to make great hair strokes. Next, they are carefully inspected to check for flaws to ensure you receive a perfect needle each time.  

Which Microblade do I choose?

The 16 Curved can create very precise brow roots and tips by using the tip of the needle.

The 18U helps the artist easily draw very curved strokes.

Which Microblade is the most commonly used?

Both are very commonly used and will serve the artistic demand of all artists, regardless of the design or skin texture.


Where can I buy these Microblades?

You can purchase these 24/7 directly from us at


How are they sterilized?

Each Nano Blade is sterilized by EO gas and is packaged in its own sterilized blister pack complete with a lot number, manufacturer and expiration date. You’ll notice a color-change indicator on the medical paper package. A sterilization report is also included in each box.  

When do they expire?

Each blister pack has a listed expiration date for your Essential Nano Blade.

How do I find my Sterilization Report?

With growing concern for safety in our community, our customers, and in the media, we want to give our artists and their customers peace of mind at all times. Tina Davies Professional prides itself on our constant commitment to safety, upholding the highest standards in the industry, and pushing the envelope to raise the bar for all.  


As part of our commitment to safety and looking out for the needs of our artists and clients -  each box of Tina Davies microblades will include the actual sterilization certificates for that batch of needles.  You can also find your Sterilization Report on our website should you ever lose it or need one. Simply input your LOT number on your blister pack to download your Sterilization Report.

Do these Microblades need to be assembled?

No. Just like our Signature line, the use of the Essential Nano Blades mean you no longer need to assemble cumbersome needles and handles. Both the 18U and 16C offer value without compromise on quality and efficiency at an accessible price point.

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies