Microblading lifespan: 1 year later

Many of you are curious to know how microblading looks overtime.

Here are actual photos of my client 15 months after her microblading procedure. I performed two treatments on her: her initial procedure and another layer two months later.

As you can see, her retention is excellent at 80% with only softening of the color and hairstrokes. At this point, a touchup is not necessary as the retention and definition is still excellent and can be elected at the customer's wishes.

microblading results


This type of retention is not uncommon and can be achieved if you read the skin properly and implant the pigment to the proper depth with minimal trauma. I call this area the "sweet spot".

To read more about my top tips for perfect technique, visit my blog:


Procedural notes:

61 YO Anglo woman
F2, non-sensitive
Orange skin type
Needle: Harmony 14U
Color: LI Navajo

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies