Introducing Monthly Product Plans

What you need, when you need it, for less


Introducing more ways than ever before to save money, put your business needs on autopilot and focus on what really matters - doing your best work!

We want your experience with us to be the easiest it can possibly be. This motivated us to improve our website and to re-engineer our product subscriptions, now called Monthly Product Plans.  

We thought about you, the artist, and what you need to be most successful. We thought about how powerful it would be to offer more of you our monthly plan discounts, while still meeting your individual business needs, whether on a small or large scale.

Here’s what you can expect out of our new Monthly Product Plans:



Something for Everyone

We’ve got plans that suit everyone’s needs. Do you order as little as 2 boxes of microblades per month? Guess what? You qualify:  receive 10% off of your monthly orders in addition to all the awesome benefits of being one of our most valued customers.

Order between 21-30 boxes per month and you will receive our platinum discount of 30% off your order of microblades and sterile kits. There are several options in between, designed to suit your exact needs.


Same Great Benefits

    1. Exclusive Content: When you sign up for a monthly plan, not only will you get access to all of our great content, but also exclusive access to tips, advanced technical education, videos, and much more that only you and other monthly plan holders will have access to.
    2. No monthly fees: You read that right. As with our previous subscription service, our new plans won’t include any extra cost or fee to you. If your needs meet the minimum of one of our five plans, simply sign up and immediately start receiving the benefits associated with Monthly Plans.
    3. Shipping on Us: Who doesn’t love free shipping? If you sign up for our Monthly Plan not only will you receive a discount, we’ll cover the shipping every month for you as well.
    4. Never Run Out: Your order will be automatically shipped to you every month on any date you choose.
    5. Flexibility: We know that sometimes business can be unpredictable. If you need to make changes to your plan, all you need to do is get in touch with us by phone, email or chat on our website. We will help you edit, pause or cancel your monthly deliveries if need be. Keep in mind, we can only cancel monthly plans after the 3rd delivery has been made.  


    How Do I Get Started? 

    1. Create an account.
    2. Go to Volume Discounts, scroll down to  Monthly Product Plans, and click  Learn More
    3. Choose how many boxes of microblades and/or Sterile Kits you will need per month. Tip: use our handy estimator on our  Monthly Product Plan page. It calculates your monthly needs based on how many clients you see per month.
    4. Once you have decided on the number of boxes you need, build your monthly product plan!
    5. Select the microblades you need and add them to your plan. Need Disposable Sterile Kits? You can add those to you monthly product plan as well.
    6. Add to your cart and checkout. Prepare to receive monthly deliveries, hassle-free! 
      Here's a video that shows you exactly how to build a personalised plan: 


      What products can I add to my monthly plan?

      You can build a monthly plan with any of our Microblades as well as our Disposable Sterile Kits. Build your plan by choosing from the 9 Classic, 14 Curved, U Needle, and 19 Shader, as well as our Sampler Pack.

      Can I add other products to my monthly plan?

      No, you can not add any of our other products to your monthly plan at this time. All other products other than those mentioned above must be ordered separate of a monthly plan. 

      How do I edit my plan?

      It’s easy! All you have to do is get in touch with us by phone, email or chat on our website. We’re here to help.

      Phone: 1-888-510-1388


      How do I pause/cancel my plan?

      Want to pause or cancel your monthly plan? Easy. Just give us a call at  1-888-510-1388, email us at 48 hours prior to your order ship date, or chat with us on our website. We’ll be happy to adjust your plan for you.

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      “I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

      - Tina Davies