I ❤️INK Pro Team Kwadron® Results

Anita Abramo

Anita Abramo is an artist and trainer in Ottawa, Canada who specializes in pushing the boundaries with challenging cases in all skin types. She hones her craft each and every day to bring the best results to ger clients. She’s known for her mentorship to thousands of artists all around the world. 



9 MAG .30MM Point Taper and 1RL .25MM Long Taper


5RL .30MM Long Taper  and 1RL .30MM Long Taper


3RL .25MM Long Taper


Elaine Campin

Elaine Campin is an artist and trainer in Prudhoe, England who specializes in magical transformations, regardless of the challenge. She’s a busy and committed artist known for her soft blends and perfect color selections. 



1RL .25MM Long Taper


1RL .25MM Long Taper


1RL .25MM Long Taper


1RL .25MM Long Taper

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies