5 Opening Checklists for your PMU Studio

A Project AesCert™ Guidance Supplement

You may have already read our blog post on re-opening your business safely where we provided a thorough, detailed list of how to prepare for re-opening your business.

Now, we want to share an indispensable and information-packed reference called TheProject AesCert™ Guidance Supplement published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. that provides clear and informed guidance on elective aesthetic treatments such as Permanent Makeup.

Founded by Mary Ann Liebert in 1980, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is a leading independent publisher of scientific, technical, and medical content, known worldwide for its prescience and establishment of authoritative peer-reviewed journals, books, and trade publications in cutting-edge fields such as biotechnology, biomedical research, medicine and surgery, public health research and policy, technology and engineering, law, environmental research and policy, and other specialized disciplines. The company publishes over 90 peer-reviewed journals, leading trade magazines, and specialized newsletters, in addition to society membership management and conferences.

What is the Project AesCert Guidance Supplement?

This Project AesCert Guidance Supplement (“Guidance Supplement”) was developed in partnership with a multidisciplinary panel of board-certified physician and doctoral experts in the fields of infectious disease, immunology, public health policy, dermatology, facial plastic surgery, and plastic surgery. The Guidance Supplement is intended to provide aesthetic medicine physicians and their staff with a practical guide to safety considerations to support clinic preparedness for patients seeking nonsurgical aesthetic treatments and procedures following the return-to-work phase of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, once such activity is permitted by applicable law. Many federal, state, and local governmental authorities, public health agencies, and professional medical societies have promulgated COVID-19 orders and advisories applicable to health-care practitioners. The Guidance Supplement is meant to provide aesthetic physicians and their staff with an additional set of practical considerations for delivering aesthetic care safely and generally conducting business responsibly in the new world of COVID-19. The Guidance Supplement is published as an Appendix to this article and can be read in full online here.

Located within the appendix of The Project AesCert Guidance Supplement are 5 very useful checklists and schedules for your business use.  Displaying them in your studio can serve as a reminder for staff while demonstrating to your clients that your premises are consistently supervised and disinfected before their service. 

There are 5 printable documents listed below, including:

  1. Daily Treatment Room Cleaning and Disinfection Schedule
  2. Common Rooms Cleaning and Disinfection Schedule
  3. Wellness Screening Checklist
  4. Client Screening Flow Chart
  5. Post-appointment Screening Checklist

Daily Treatment Room Cleaning and Disinfection Schedule

It is important to train, follow, and display a treatment room cleaning and disinfecting protocol and schedule in each room.

Click here to download this printable PDF


Common Rooms Cleaning and Disinfection Schedule


Click here to download this printable PDF

Wellness Screening Checklist

Appointment scheduling processes should be modified to include pre-screening clients before their studio visit along with appointment reminder calls to help identify potential infection and recent risk of exposure. In addition to pre-screening, offices should implement a protocol for a health screening immediately upon arrival on the date of appointment.

Click here to download this printable PDF

Client Screening Flow Chart

Click here to download this printable PDF

Post-appointment Screening Checklist

Finally, the office should conduct a post-visit followup video-conference or telephone call to the client several days after the appointment, both to monitor progress post-procedure and also to ascertain whether any COVID-19 symptoms have recently developed despite the client having been asymptomatic at the time of the appointment.

Click here to download this printable PDF

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