Case Study 1: Lauren's healing & aftercare update

Introducing Case Studies:

Tina discusses her client procedures and how she went about approaching each unique case.  You'll get an overview of any unique client issues/factors that can affect a procedure and the results, as well as any particularly difficult client cases she may deal with. The cases will range from ideal clients to color corrections, mature skin, and much more! 

In Lauren’s last update, you saw that a lot of shedding was occurring at one-week post procedure.

By now (Day 12), all the scabbing has lifted and you can see that’s she’s got a lot of color accompanied by some mild redness as her skin enters the healing phase.
Since Lauren wanted a bold Audrey Hepburn inspired classic eyebrow look, shading was a given in order to get that bolder impact. 

Note: The redness is due to her healing skin; it’s not the part of the color outcome.

What’s next? The color will start to darken and the hairstrokes will become more apparent as the skin continues to mend together and “tighten up”.

Lauren's Procedure Notes: 
  • Procedure notes: 34-year-old Anglo woman, Fitz 2
  • Skin type: non-sensitive, non-bleeding
  • Apple profile, firm and strong
  • Colors: my own line coming soon
  • Needles: Tina Davies U Needle, 19 Shader 

    Pro Tip:  I'm now doing Blade & Shade in almost all my clients (unless they are very fair/conservative). I typically get 90% or more retention since everything is saturated and smooth, thereby eliminating the need for that extra follow-up appointment. Clients are already satisfied with their results and usually only need 1-2 dots to bring their brows to perfection.

    To watch the Facebook Live of Lauren's entire procedure, click HERE

    Stay tuned as I bring you some more super exciting news to elevate your art to the highest level and make microblading a “1 step process”, not a “2 or 3 step process”....can you guess what it is?

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