We've updated our return policy

We recently updated our return policy and we wanted to let everyone know.  As always if you receive any of our tools that are damaged, or if the packaging is damaged or if anything arrives in a condition that is not perfect we will provide you a refund immediately.  We take a lot of pride in supplying our community with tools that are consistently perfect.

We do have a rigorous quality control process but from time to time some errors do occur.  For this reason, we encourage all of our artists to always inspect tools prior to starting a procedure.  Artists should ensure that the EO gas indicator on the blister pack has turned to yellow - this confirms that your Harmony Microblade has successfully been sterilized.  Artists should also inspect the needles prior to starting a procedure to ensure that none of the needles are barbed on not correctly aligned.

In the interests of protecting our artist community, we do not accept product returns if you change your mind about a purchase.  We cannot guarantee that returned items have not been tampered with or opened which could jeopardize the sterility of the products.  Safety of our community is a top priority for us so please note that sales of sterilized microblades are final.

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies