The Sterile Kit You Love, More Compact for your Convenience

Meet our brand new Disposable Sterile Kit

The Disposable Sterile Kit is loved by PMU artists and has been specifically created to make your procedure setup, professional, easy, organized, and cost-efficient for you. 

This newly designed kit is 50% smaller than our first edition making it compact, easy to travel to your clients, perfect to use in studio, office, or at training events.

A disposable sterile kit will help you to work efficiently and effectively while ensuring the safety of clients and artists. But don’t worry! It still includes all of your disposable needs in one handy package. Plus, we’ve added new components for machine users to cover and keep your machines clean. 

Machine cord cover and finger cot to wrap your machine.

Each kit includes a sturdy plastic tray with compartments designed to hold all of your tools, supplies, pigments, anesthetics, client draping, and MUCH more.

This entire kit of 18 components is 100% EO Gas sterilized, so you can be completely confident that you’re providing the best for your clients’ safety. Additionally, each kit is marked with the lot number, manufacturing and expiry date. 

The Disposable Sterile Kit contains: 

1. Compact Eco Tray (1) - This compact and clear plastic tray has a slot for your permanent makeup tools such as handles, needles, pigments and even a slot to hold pigment rings upright! With six pigment wells, you will have all of the tools and materials you need within arm’s reach.

2. Sticky Eyebrow Ruler (1) - This is an extremely handy tool to make your initial design super-easy and accurate.

3. Clear Face Mask (1) - Lightweight and comfortable, this mask provides protection for both you and your client against potential splatter and airborne germs. Plus, it’s super-pretty and so professional.

4. Alcohol Swabs (4) - The kit contains 4 alcohol swabs for you to disinfect or clean the procedure area.

5. Eyebrow Brush (1) - The spoolie brush is the perfect tool to use when designing brows, or as a take-home goody for your client. 

6. Cotton Swabs (5) - Long and so easy to use, these are handy in every procedure.

7. Cup for Liquids (1) - The small plastic cup is useful for any liquids such as water, cleanser, green soap, etc.

8. Fine Brushes (3) - Fine brushes are PERFECT for tracing out really fine hair strokes, or even tracing out the pre-draw for permanent lip liner.

9. Head Band (1) - Nothing’s better than a cute headband right? Rather than using “shower cap” medical caps, this white headband will do the job! Plus, your client will look flawless in their before and after photos.

10. Nitrile Gloves (3) - Allergy-free for both you and your client’s protection.

11. Non-woven Cotton Pads (20) - Soft and gentle, these are great to wipe and check your work. 

12. Pigment Rings with Sponge (2) - For an efficient and convenient workflow, wear the pigment rings on your finger like Tina does! This is a much faster way to dip your blade or machine into the ink rather than going back and forth between your tray and the client to reach for pigment. 

13. Adhesive Waste Bag (1) - This handy dandy orange waste bag comes with an adhesive to attach to the side of your tray.

14. Waterproof Bed Sheet (1) - Protect and line your bed with this hygienic and lightweight cover.

15. Waterproof Table Paper (1) - Set up the entire Sterile Kit on this table paper, once you’re done just wrap up and toss it. It’s that easy! 

16. Waterproof Client Bib (1) - The perfect bib for those pretty pictures, plus it keeps your client clean and they’ll appreciate the extra care and professionalism you give them! 

This new kit features two new components for your machines:

17. Machine Cord Cover (1) - Slip your machine through this cord cover to protect it against bloodborne pathogens.   

18. Finger Cot for Machine Cover (1) - cut a small hole in the tip and use it to secure the cord cover AND your needle cartridge. 

This unique disposable kit makes your day-to-day PMU services a seamless operation. It makes setting up fast, easy, safe, and allows you to focus on the most important part - your art and your client ❤️.  

Drop your pigment directly in the sterile kit tray for your convenience.

Place your entire kit on top of the waterproof table paper for a completely sterile setup.

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