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It’s a whole new world. Being safe, social distancing, working from home and wearing a face mask while you’re in public are all things that many of us are adjusting to. On top of that, a lot of cities have not yet allowed PMU studios to re-open which means some of us are overdue for an eyebrow or eyeliner touch-up! That said, having the lower half of our face covered when we’re outside doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t express ourselves! Now more than ever our brows and eyes are the centres of attention. Whether you want a quick, easy makeup look to boost your confidence and help you feel camera-ready for Zoom meetings or you want to let your eyes and brows shine when you’re out and about in a face mask, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you take on the world. 

Our staff have been working remotely since early March and we have daily group video calls. Even though we’re not together in person, we’re together on-screen! We are all beauty geeks and love playing with our makeup so we decided to show you how we do our favourite, everyday, at-home makeup looks using our very own Pro Pencils and Skinny Silk Pencils! 


Let’s get into it:

The ‘Fox-Eye’ Liner - How to Use the Pro Silk Pencil to Easily Create a Sultry, Smokey Wing.

The Pro Pencil is the ultimate tool for a flawless eyebrow. Many of you will already use this pencil during your pre-draw and consultation process for microblading. But did you know that you can also use this pencil for eyeliner looks? It’s easy to sharpen, even if you’re not a whiz with an X-Acto knife, and the silky texture is ideal for a smokey liner look.

For me, I love to use the Pro Pencil in Black to create a sultry, ‘fox-eye’ eyeliner look that takes seconds to create but really boosts my mood and confidence every day. Here’s how I do it:


The ‘Cat-Eye’ - How to Use the Skinny Silk Pencil to Easily Create a Defined, Everyday Wing.


The Skinny Silk Pencil is one of our best-selling products, and for good reason. This pencil makes eyebrow design super easy. Our Artist Success Manager, Ashley, LOVES to use this pencil for eyeliner too! The super-fine tip and smooth texture make it perfect for graphic wings that take only a couple of minutes to create.


The ‘Touch-Up’ - How to Use the Pro Silk Pencil to Boost your PMU Brows Between Touch-Ups.




Our Artist Success Manager Laura had her eyebrows microbladed by Tina last year, and loves to boost her brows with our Brown Pro Pencil when the mood strikes. The smooth texture makes brows a breeze, and the ability to sharpen the tip to an ultra-thin shape means you can easily control each and every hair stroke. See how it’s done:


The ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Brow - How to Use the Skinny Silk Pencil to Effortlessly Style your Eyebrows.



Our Content Creator Stephanie also had her eyebrows tattooed by Tina last year, and frequently uses the Brown Skinny Silk Pencil to touch-up her brows to replicate that freshly-microbladed look every day. The universally true-brown colour of this pencil works on almost all skin tones and is the perfect size to throw into your makeup bag. See how Steph uses it:



We’ve been keeping an eye on the #yestinadavies hashtag on Instagram and we’re loving all of your new work. PMU pictures are changing, and many of your clients are wearing masks throughout their procedures now. This really allows your amazing eyebrow work to take centre stage!

Here’s a beautiful set of hybrid brows by Texas-based artist Whitney Tobar:


Are you interested in seeing more beauty tutorials from our team? What’s a look you’d LOVE to see?

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