The Pro Silk Pencil

The Pro Pencil is here....and it's going to change the way you work! 

In July, I launched the Skinny Pencil for artists who were tired of sharpening their pencils and were looking for an alternative to surgical markers, endless sharpening, and thick wax pencils.

The Skinny Pencil was such a huge success due to its ease of use, extremely slim lead, and amazing true brown color. It's even perfect for clients to take home and incorporate into their personal makeup collection!

Now we're introducing The Pro Silk Pencil - the BEST pencil for professionals who are looking to draw perfect hair-like strokes during the pre-draw process.

Here are a few ways the Pro Silk Pencil will change your microblading game:

Precise planning: Visualizing your work is key when it comes to microblading. Not only is it important for you to carefully map our your design with precision, it's also critical for your client to be able to envision the final outcome of their microblading procedure. This will ensure they are completely comfortable and confident in the design you have created for them and allow you to make any necessary changes with ease.  

The perfect point: No two artists are created equal. We've each developed our own unique method of designing and microblading the best brows for our clients. With the Pro Silk Pencil, you can shape the lead to the exact shape that works for you, so you can master your pre-draw every time. This pencil does take some manual sharpening, but it's worth it, I promise! You can easily sharpen the pencil to get the lead SO fine. Finally, you can use your Harmony Microblade to trace right over the hair strokes you've made with the pencil, making it incredibly easy to nail the outlines of the eyebrows on the first pass.  Remember to always clean off the head the pencil with 70% alcohol between uses or resharpen.

The ultimate true brown shade:  How many times have you taken a "brown" pencil to map our your design and the brows end up a not-so-subtle hue of warm auburn or even worse, pitch black? With the Pro Silk Pencil, you won't have to spend extra time reassuring your clients they won't end up with off-color brows. This pencil is a true, natural brown. No more hints of red, just a neutral-toned brown that flatters many different skin tones and hair colors. The Brown Pro Silk Pencil is a truly valuable tool for any artist, allowing you and your client to picture their new brows in a flattering way.

A silky-smooth formula: Say goodbye to the dry, crumbly and chalky pencils of the past! Not only does the Pro Silk Pencil allow for extremely fine, precise strokes, the lead itself was formulated to be extremely silky and glide onto the skin. The pencil is smudge-proof, so it will not easily wipe off of the skin and is water-resistant. This will get you through the 'skeleton' or 'outline' of your design, making it extremely easy to continue building the brow with more hair strokes.  I like to numb the client first for 20-30 minutes first the draw my 
design for a quick and smooth process.

Well-pigmented:  One thing you will notice immediately is how dark and concentrated the pencil is. You don't need to push hard to make it show up on the skin.  Drawing is easy and fluid, allowing you to create your design quickly and efficiently.  

Long-lasting: Last but not least, one of my FAVORITE parts of this pencil is how efficient it is for artists. This pencil will last even the busiest artists a long time before they have to use a new one! We even include 3 pencils in each package for added convenience.

Do not use the Pro Pencil on open skin. You may discard, sell/gift, or sanitize with 70% alcohol after each use unless indicated otherwise according to your local health authority.

To sharpen the pencil, you will have to use a sharpening blade or X-ACTO Knife, which can be purchased at any craft supply store, or on Amazon for a low cost! Click Here to see the blade Tina uses.


Ready to design the best brows of your life? Be one of the first to get your hands on the new Pro Silk Pencil! Click HERE 

Let your art flow, 


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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies