The Angie Practice Pad

I'm delighted to announce that today we are launching the Harmony™ Practice Pad - we call her Angie. The Angie Practice Pad is a safe, easy, risk free way to hone your microblading skills. We have conveniently packaged Angie into bundles of 25, double-sided sheets.

Only $1 each, 25 sheets per bundle.

The front of the sheet is a full face. The back of the sheet is 4 sets of eyes - the first two with a stencil, the second two without.

Want to bring Angie home? Go HERE to order.

I discovered cardstock as a great way to practice when I was developing the Harmony™ Microblade.  I was constantly testing needles from different suppliers and I used glossy magazine pages as a place to test.  It's a great medium for actually seeing what your strokes will look like and also checking blade quality and consistency as every little imperfection shows up immediately.



I still use the Angie Pads to do quality assurance on the Harmony™ Microblade and I also use them to experiment with new designs and for training.

We now have lots of inventory in our US, Canadian and UK warehouses so it should be a breeze to get your hands on Angie.

I hope you find them helpful and as always, please send me your feedback.

p.s. Please keep an eye out for future announcements. Later this month we will be launching our biggest contest yet!

p.s.s. Can you guess who inspired the name Angie?

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