Case Study 10: Boy Brows

This case study breaks down a beautiful "boy brows" transformation by senior artist Kim Anh from Tina Davies Studio


Manny is someone who had long-wanted thicker, fuller eyebrows all his life but never found the right artist that he could trust. In an industry where the majority of clients are women looking for ‘makeup’-style eyebrows, his concern was that he might end up committing to something that would look too feminine for his own style and facial structure. 

After searching online for a year, he came across my work through a mutual friend and instantly knew that she could deliver the right results for him. Manny’s inspiration was Zac Efron - an actor who owns one of the world’s most famous set of man-brows. 


Zac Efron, Photo Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi Photography


During the consultation, I examined Manny’s skin type, texture, and growth pattern. As this was Manny’s first permanent makeup experience, I had a blank canvas to create a beautiful set of bespoke man-brows.


Manny, Before Procedure


Manny’s skin type is non-sensitive Fitzpatrick 3, apple-like skin, making him the ideal candidate for microblading. A mix of Bold Brown and Ebony were the perfect match so that once healed, the results would be soft yet bold enough to blend with this naturally dark and dense eyebrows. Ebony alone may have healed too ashy for his skin tone so mixing the two colors were the perfect choice for him. 


Immediately After Procedure

Manny LOVED the finished outcome! He closely followed his aftercare steps and healed excellently with no concerns or issues.


Bold Brown & Ebony Healed after 6 Weeks - Before Touch Up


Manny was so excited about his healed results - they’re even better than the brows he has always dreamt of! 


📝 Procedure Notes

🙍🏻‍♂️43-year-old Asian man

🖋Method:  Microblading

🎨 Color:  I ❤️ INK Bold Brown & Ebony

🌸 Skin type:  F3, Apple, Non-Sensitive

👩🏻‍🎨 Artist: Kim Anh

As an artist, it’s an amazing feeling to know you have exceeded their expectations.  


⭐️ Follow Kim on socials to see more of her stunning work @kimberly.anh

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“I set out to design a microblade that I knew would put our needs first as artists.”

- Tina Davies